Friday, December 30, 2005

Horse Sex Story Tops “Seattle Times” Most Popular List

The “Seattle Times” web site published a list of the most clicked stories from the year 2005, and by far their most popular article dealt with a man who died from a perforated colon while having sex with his horse. The paper tries to pass off the interest in the story to the national public, as the story was linked to on the Drudge Report and other news cites. But there was evidently a wide margin between this story and the 2nd most popular story, enforcing that people from Seattle are sick!

No, I’m just kidding; I don’t judge people by their little fetishes (ok, big fetishes in this case; nothing small about a horse). And, of course, I don’t think that all Seattle people read the story, enjoyed the story (or accompanying video), or have regular sex with their horses. I mean, sure, you need something to do with all that rain there, but I doubt this is a widespread activity…

Still, was it me running that paper, I would have buried that article as deep as possible. And if people found it, and still made it the most popular news article of the year, I certainly would not have come back with a list of the most popular stories of the year; that’s just beating a dead horse (or a dead mounter of the horse, as the case may be).

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