Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Edwards Speaks Out…At His Own Risk

Saturday, John Edwards made statements during a campaign speech in Iowa that should mark the turning point in Edwards’ campaign. The only question is whether the turn will be for the better or for the worse.

Edwards said, in what appears to be a moment of frustration, what so many people have been thinking all year: that the Republican spin machine has made an art-form out of turning the focus of any campaign onto seemingly meaningless issues. He points out that politicians carefully avoid pertinent topics in favor of these slanderous remarks.

Edwards was addressing the recent comments made about his expensive haircut. He notes that the issues he stands for are exiting the war in Iraq, universal health care, and adjustments to our tax codes to benefit the poor. But he points out how successfully attention has been diverted from these important issues.

The point is a key one. How long have our politicians been afraid to address the pertinent issues for fear of the powers that be? Why do we allow our attentions to be diverted by hate mongering and mud slinging? If we are to see any true improvements in the current state of affairs, we have to keep our focus on the issues that affect our lives and livelihood, and not allow these diversions to rule the day.

Presently the Democratic ticket has seen a huge movement to the middle, while any politicians who are even slightly to the left have been attacked by the right. But if we are to see progress, we need to hear the full spectrum of opinions, and debate what is best for our society. As long as we gravitate towards the middle of the road, we will only experience business as usual, instead of the change we so desperately need.


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