Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Another Halloween Pic & Show Rescheduling

I wanted to leave a quick note that this Friday, November 3rd, the Nomad show on BigDawgRadio will be delayed a couple hours, as your friendly neighborhood Nomad and lovely co-host DJ Denelle C will be hitting the Black Crowes concert at the Armory in Rochester, NY.

So that's the bad news. The good news is that we hope to come back with a couple of tasty tracks to put on the air, so that you can check out how the Crowes sound in concert. I went to one of their concerts last year, and they were awesome, so providing some live Crowes should be a real treat.

Also, as compensation, I decided to add another two pictures from Halloween, these including Denelle C. This will be most people's first glimpse, so enjoy! And I'll be on the air in between now and Friday, was well as later Friday evening. I hope everyone is having a great week.

And in the immortal words of the Big Dawg, AWOOOOOOOOF!


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Monday, October 30, 2006

Whitney Houston Provides Hope to the Hopeless

OK, I admit it: when it comes to drugs and alcohol, I often focus on the negatives, the wreckage of the lives that results from lots of time spent on booze and narcotics. Don’t believe me? Check out the story below, where Mel Gibson, who I consider a great actor, has overshadowed all his work with his recent alcohol arrest.

Well, a recent story on Whitney Houston gave me a fresh perspective, one of hope. For years, Whitney has been immersed in a co-dependant and often abusive relationship with Bobby Brown for the past 13 years, and as a result had seen her physical, mental and spiritual beauty wither away. The picture below is from a March arrest, where she was busted for drug paraphernalia.

Since then, Whitney has been working on herself, leaving Bobby Brown and entering a drug rehab. And the effects are obvious. The top picture was taken on Saturday at the Carousel of Hope Ball, and she has added a bit of much-needed weight and looks both human and beautiful again.

Yes, I’m sure that there have been many difficult days and nights since March. What’s more, there are many difficult times to come. But to me, it appears that Whitney’s true beauty, both internal and external, seem to have returned, and should remain if she can avoid the chaos of her past. How many millions of people can share her hope?


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Great Mel Gibson Site

OK, I love it. I found this site where you can basically dress up Mel Gibson in a wide variety of outfits. I liked this drunk outfit, though the leather goth wear fit him as well. Check it out, and let me know what outfit you think is most appropriate for Mad Mel!

Special thanks to Intri for helping me get the picture right. Enjoy the site!


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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Halloween in Rochester

It's Halloween in Rochester, and I just got back from a great couple of parties, where not only did I get the chance to make a fool of myself by dressing up as a hippy, as shown above, but I also got a chance to play guitar out, one of my first few chances in Rochester.

It was a great evening, I hung out with DJ Denelle C and really had a ball. I also took a ton of pictures of other cool people at the parties, and if they would like me to email them the pictures, just drop me a line. Otherwise, hope you like the pics of me, and maybe we can enjoy the holiday together next year!


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