Friday, December 23, 2005

Israel Stepping Up Targeted Assassinations

IDF has decided to step up targeted assassinations of Islamic Jihad leaders in response to the recent Qassam rocket attacks. The article linked to above shows this as a great act of restraint by the Israelis, while the attacks themselves caused only minor injuries to 5 soldiers.

Qassam rockets have had limited effect on Israel due to their lack of range and accuracy. The maximum distance traveled by a Qassam is 5 miles, and with hundreds of Qassam rockets fired at Israel since its development, only 6 deaths have occurred. The Qassam’s predecessor, the Katusha rocket, never recorded a death despite over 10 years of use against Israel. After Israel found and detonated the primary weapons lab for Qassam rockets in Jenin in March, 2005, there was only one rocket attack until September, marking 6 months of minimal attacks.

From living in Israel, I know the rage we all feel at these horrible attacks disrupting our daily lives and stealing away the lives of family and friends. But I believe it’s clear that these attacks are aimed at derailing all the steps that have been made towards peace over the past few months. It’s an invitation to re-engage in violence, and to give Islamic Jihad a legitimate excuse to step up their armed resistance to the Israelis.

Prime Minister Sharon, you had it right the first time. Israel has an incredibly developed intelligence network, and it’s not easy to hide a bomb factory for bombs that are over 200 cm in length and 90 kg in weight. Leave no stone unturned, find the factory and eliminate it. But don’t engage in more violence, don’t take the bait, it is there for one reason alone, to help strengthen the position of militants on the Palestinian side of the fence.

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