Friday, December 23, 2005

Peace Between Palestine and Israel: The Crown Prince Abdullah plan

In 2002, Crown Prince Abdullah submitted a plan for peace between Israel and the entire Middle East. It basically called for Israel relinquishing all land occupied by Israel since the 1967 war, including the Golan heights, in exchange for full normalization between the Arab world and Israel. This would, theoretically, provide the solution for all conflicts, including the conflicts with both Palestine and Syria.

This makes sense for Syria, who has been, to some extent, cut out of peace process as Israel works with its most immediate threat, Palestine. But as Palestinians of the Gaza Strip seem more content with the lack of Israeli occupation, and as West Bank Palestinians see the glimmer of hope of a better tomorrow, the biggest threat to tenuous cease fire has been, and will continue to be, Syrian-backed Hamas.

Both the Israelis and Palestinians have been coming to grips with the territory being demarked by the fence as Palestinian land, current jostling over the path of the new sections of the West Bank fence aside. If the situation with Syria could be resolved, Israel could enjoy the first true period of quiet in its existence.

The Golan Heights is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and beyond that there are serious security advantages to holding the heights. But in no way would I consider the Golan Heights to be worth more than peace. If this peace agreement could be forged with the boundaries being utilized by the fence, isn’t it worth at least re-examining this peace plan, and seeing if it could bring about the brighter future we all hope for?

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