Sunday, January 01, 2006

Ahmadinejad Not Only Dangerous but Dumb

Once again Iranian president Ahmadinejad has come out with a ridiculously anti-Semitic comment, this time saying "Don't you think that continuation of genocide by expelling Jews from Europe was one of [the Europeans'] aims in creating a regime of occupiers of [Jerusalem]? Isn't that an important question?"

Only last month, Ahmadinejad was saying that the Holocaust never occurred that it was a “myth” perpetrated by the Israeli people to gain sympathy and support for the state of Israel. Now he comes back saying that, yes, the Holocaust did occur, and the creation of Israel was just the final piece in Europe’s plan to rid Europe of Jews, creating a “Jewish Camp” where the Jews could be sent to.

I talked in my last post about what Ahmadinejad has to gain by these comments. And certainly I’m appalled by the anti-Semitism shown here, and Ahmadinejad’s push to turn the Arab world against Israel more than they have been in years. But it’s hard for me to judge either of those aspects, since I’m not in Ahmadinejad’s shoes, leading Iran in troubled times.

But stirring up hatred to cause hatred helps no one. It will not mobilize people behind you; it will just mobilize random hatred in no particular direction. So instead of just spitting out whatever venom you happen to have on your mind, let’s try to use the facts; there’s plenty of material there to help your cause, and it won’t create the uncontrollable situation that can be created from misinformation and lies.

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