Friday, January 20, 2006

France Threatens a Nuclear Response to Terrorism

French President Jacques Chirac said yesterday that, should France be the target of a major terrorist attack, they would respond with nuclear attacks. It was tough talk from Chirac, and perhaps dangerous talk; but it is the only type of talk that will get listened to by leaders from the Middle East, and I suspect it will be the type of deterrent that France hopes for.

The leaders of states who would use terrorist means against us, as well as those who would consider using in one way or another weapons of mass destruction, must understand that they would lay themselves open to a firm and adapted response on our part. This response could be a conventional one. It could also be of a different kind.

France has reduced the number of missiles hosted on submarines so they could perform a more targeted strike, a clear signal to terrorist states that drastic measures could meet with swift response. Take note, President Bush, this is how you get your point across in the Middle East.

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