Thursday, February 02, 2006

Top 5 on Friday

Time for the Top 5 on Friday. And today’s topic? The envelope please: Top 5 "Super" songs...As always interpret this as you see fit. Go ahead be creative! So let’s see what we can come up with, shall we?

1. Superman – The Kinks – One of my favorite Kinks songs, this tasty track is often ignored, but I’m a big fan.
2. Superwoman – Stevie Wonder – Yeah, Gladys Knight did a great version of the song, but the Stevie Wonder version rules
3. Superstars – Styx – Many of my friends think I’m foolish, but I’m a Styx fan. The Grand Illusion album has a great first side, with Come Sail Away, Fooling Yourself, and the title track. But also on that side is Superstars, a true hidden gem.
4. Superfreak – Rick James – I’m super freakin’ out!
5. Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication – Parliament Funkadelic – This is one of George Clinton’s earlier tunes, and a great one. Highly recommended.

Honorable mention: For a band, Supertramp, for an album, Supernatural by Santana

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