Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bush Worst President in History: Rolling Stone

You know I really wanted to omit the words "Rolling Stone" in the title, because come on, has there ever been a worse president? Isn't it obvious that George W. Bush is the worst president in history?

Members of his cabinet are dropping left and right, his secretary of defense is running for his political life, Bush's approval rating is in the toilette, and even members of his own party are trying to distance themselves from the 2-term president.

But it's more than his politics that are getting George Bush in trouble. He's destroying the world around him. Under his watch, Iran has remained unchecked as it has grown into a massive threat to world peace, oil prices are through the roof, are borders are hardly keeping people out, and the immigrants here are protesting in the streets.

I don't know what can be done about it at this point, but George W. Bush is the worst president in history. And we need to start thinking about damage control!

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