Monday, April 02, 2007

Back to Blogging

Welcome to the faithful viewers of Perspectives of a Nomad. As many of you have noticed, I have not been posting for quite a few months. Well, that trend is about to change.

The fact is that many times over the past few months I’ve written part of a post. However, there has always been an aspect missing: some sort of an explanation for my absence. So I decided that my first post back should address this very issue, paving the way for me to resume posting.

Basically, my absence has primarily been a result of momentum; having stopped blogging for a length of time, it became harder and harder to make that next post. I wanted the post to be something special, something monumental. But really, I think there’s much more value in consistent posting than in that one great post. Consistent posting must be my goal.

Certainly, there is plenty to post about, and I am not short of opinions. Whether discussing the war in Iraq or the potential for war in Iran, recent conflicts and the potential for negotiations between Israel and Palestine, the ascension of China on the world scene or efforts by Russia to reclaim its position in the world order, there is a tremendous amount to write about today.

I’m also going to dedicate some of my blogging to recounting my past journeys, and the insights I gained from these journeys. What’s more, I’m going to talk about my current journeys, which are more a journey of a spiritual journey and a journey of the mind, as I learn about myself and grow every day. This work is perhaps the most exciting work to me, as it will help in my development.

In general, I am going to let my blog flow, writing about whatever topic comes to mind, and see where the writing takes me. And perhaps, somewhere along the way, I’ll learn something about myself. So feel free to come along for the ride, and maybe we can learn something together.

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