Monday, May 28, 2007

Ferocious Feline

Ok, not exactly….in fact not at all. This is the cutest kitty in the whole world, Pinky!

Pinky was given to me by a friend in the program when I was really struggling, early on. The cat was her son’s, and when her son had moved home, suddenly there were too many cats in her house, and this cat was destined for a new home. She was small, a bit skittish, and never ever responded to her name, which at the time was Metal (like the music).

First things first, this cat was no Metal. She has this little locket around her neck that says “Cool Cat”, and so I tried to think of the coolest female cat I know. And then it came to me…Pinky Tuscadero, Fonzie’s girlfriend from Happy Days. And just like that, a new name for the cat was found. Funnily enough, she responded to the name immediately.

Once she had her own living environment, Pinky really came out of her shell as well. With her own food supply, she started growing bigger quickly. And her personality blossomed. She is a totally an attention hog, and wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, she’s got to be in the middle of it. If I’m reading, she sits on the book. If I’m working on the computer, she’s on the keyboard (like now). And if I’m DJing, she loves purring into the mic.

When I lie down, Pinky either lies down next to me or sits on the windowsill right above my bed. When it’s time for my shower, she stands on her hind legs at the shower with me, sticking her paw in the water just like I do to test the temperature, though she waits outside the door while I’m actually in the shower; I think she’s a bit scared of the water, and I want my privacy at that point anyway.

It’s not always easy. Pinky will follow me everywhere, and often gets under my feet. And when I’m asleep, she has a tendency to lick my hands or push on my face with her paws. But I know it’s out of affection, and it’s all cool by me. You know, she’s my baby, and I could never really find it in me to be mad with her.

Anyway, that’s my Pinky Tuscadero! I think there may not be as cool a kitty out there as her, and certainly not as cute a cat for sure. Next time I’m on the air, listen for her, and I’m sure you’ll hear her talking into the mic. And don’t worry, there’s not a ferocious bone inside her. She’s just my cute little kitty, and I’m crazy about her!

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