Friday, June 08, 2007

New Music for the Nomad – Discovering Jazz

Tonight, I went out to hear a new band. They are a combination of Jazz and very psychedelic music, and were far outside of any genre that I normally prefer, but I have to tell you that I walked away psyched after having heard some excellent musicianship.

The band consisted of a saxophone, a bass player, and a person on a synthesizer. A person also came in for one song and played a sitar. Plus, the bass went through a variety of digital enhancements so that it really sounded little like a traditional bass, and the saxophone player also used a variety of instruments, including a clarinet, a bongo drum, and even at one point a blender.

At first I thought that the music had little or no structure. But as I listened closer, I realized that while the music lacked chords, structure certainly existed. There was rhythm, melody, and a structure that, while being untraditional, certainly tied the music together and provided a flow that was extremely compelling.

Particularly talented was the saxophone player, who obviously was brimming over with ability and stood at the forefront of most of the music played. He seemed to drive the music, to consistently move it forward and give it definition. His rifts were tremendously tight, and he showed an adeptness that couldn’t help but impress.

I was speaking with the saxophonist afterwards, and found out that with over 30 years of playing the sax, he is a huge jazz enthusiast. I was thrilled when he agreed to teach me a bit more about jazz, and even more excited when he agreed to do a show on BigDawgRadio, turning our listeners on to a great deal of music that they may not have heard before.

In short order, we’ll find a slot for this new jazz show, and I can guarantee that I will be one of the listeners. But it’s really exciting to hear a new music, something I don’t know that well, and to begin to explore a whole new genre for a beauty that, for me, has been as yet undiscovered.

Are you a jazz fan? Are you interested in getting turned on to some jazz, as well as other types of music that are of similar genres? Well, then I’m in the same boat as you are, and perhaps together we can get psyched for BigDawgRadio’s next offering, a night of jazz!

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