Monday, July 16, 2007

Latest Obama Girl Video Has Me Dancing

So much to write about today, and so little time. So I think I’ll start with a fun one.

As a self-proclaimed student of the political process, I worry that Barack Obama does not have enough experience to lead a superpower like the US. As a member of the Illinois senate, and even the US senate, Obama has not had to make the truly difficult decisions that define the success or failure of a presidency. He’s book-smart, but how will he perform under pressure?

Perhaps the biggest asset I see Obama bringing to the table is his understanding of the challenges facing the modern world. But again, this is book-smarts, and he has little experience dealing with these issues. As a result, Obama’s greatest appeal is probably to the younger generation of voters, who seem to be less politically aware, and who tend to value understanding of present-day issues over the experience to handle tough issues.

As a result, we are seeing a very effective marketing strategy coming out of the Obama camp: The Obama Girls. These women have created three videos so far, using modern music, scantily clad women, and a political theme, promoting their presidential candidate. Before you scoff at it, let me say I think it’s a brilliant idea. It targets Obama’s primary demographic, it shows a hip, fresh attitude, and shows a marked change from our present leadership.

Let’s be frank, no marketing campaign is going to win a presidential election. But with a catchy tune and some realistic political messages, perhaps the video will serve to make the younger generation rethink the possibility of electing Barack Obama to our highest office. And considering the past apathy seen from this demographic, if the result is a high voter turnout from young people, it may very well make a difference in the election.

Anyway, whether it has any political weight or not, the video has a great tune, is catchy, and ends with a very cool pillow fight. So check out the latest video from the Obama Girls, “Obama Girl vs. Guiliani Girl”. I hope you enjoy it!

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