Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Iran Threatens Eternal Coma for Israel

Iranian Defense Minister Najjar said on Wednesday that if Israel would, they should expect retaliation. "Israel does not have the courage to attack Iran, and if it commits such a big mistake, the defenders of Islamic Iran will put Israel in an eternal coma like Sharon.” He went on to classify the US and Israel as "Great and Little Satan, who are using psychological wars to intimidate Iran."

I tend to think these types of threats can only serve to undermine any stability that could be achieved in the region. But then again, I’m sure Iran would say the same about Israel’s threats to blow up their nuclear program, something I support whole-heartedly. I consider a nuclear Iran to be a huge threat to world peace in general. I’m sure they see the Zionist presence in the Middle East as a similar threat.

I do hate to hear this type of threat coming from Iran. It seems like they’ve done enough talking through the media, what with their Holocaust remarks and the calls for wiping Israel off the map. It seems like the time has come for any future words to be over a negotiating table, but they will make the choices that are right for Iran. I just hope that they don’t start World War III in the process, or that we don’t.

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