Monday, January 23, 2006

Latest Words from Ahmadinejad

This weekend European leaders met with Israeli leaders in Herzilea to discuss the Iranian problem. While the European leaders recognized that Iran could be a threat to international stability, they did not view the issue as seriously as Israel does, and indicated that diplomacy is the proper course of action, as opposed to military action.

At the same time, Ahmadinejad was speaking out again. This is the synopsis from the Islamic Republic News Agency:

President Ahmadinejad said Friday Palestine is the center of the final stages of the battle between Islam and arrogance, saying the Palestinian Intifada is progressing. The plots hatched by enemies against Palestine should not be overlooked even for a moment, Ahmadinejad noted in a meeting with leaders of the Palestinian resistance movements in Damascus, Syria.

Ahmadinejad arrived in Damascus on Thursday upon the official invitation of his Syrian counterpart -- President Bashar al-Assad. He spoke of the importance of the Palestinian cause and stressed the cause will not come be materialized if occupiers continue to occupy even a tiny part of Palestine's territories.

He stressed that unity, coordination and sympathy among resistance groups for the Palestinian cause is the only guarantee for Palestine's liberation. The Islamic Republic of Iran supports the Palestinian cause of statehood and liberation of Islamic territories from occupiers, he added.

If this is not cause for concern, what is? Ahmadinejad will not be happy until there are no Jews left in Israel, even at the expense of Palestinian lives. And now he has an ally in Iran. While the European leaders can underestimate Iran, Israel knows better; history has shown us that we need to protect ourselves, and we will do just that.

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