Monday, January 16, 2006

Monday Music Mambo

1. Name three songs that have the word "rain" or "water" in the title.

The Rain Song – Led Zeppelin
Gimme Some Water – Eddie Money
Let it Rain – Eric Clapton

2. Ever been to a concert where it was raining? If not, is there a band or festival that you would want to see even if it meant standing in the rain?

I went to the Three Dog Knight show, outdoors in the rain this past summer at a Niagara Falls Casino. It was a great show, even though it got stopped once for the rain. Pouring down, lightning and thunder made it all the more fun.

3. You're a movie producer, and you need a soundtrack for a weather scene. Pick songs that you think would fit with the following pieces of action:

a) Clouds coming in

Echoes – Pink Floyd

b) Rain starts to fall, wind starts to blow

Funeral For a Friend – Elton John

c) Sun finally comes along and makes everything better again

Samba Pa Ti - Santana

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