Thursday, January 12, 2006

Blair Taken to Task over Involvement in Iraq War

A leading British army officer has publicly stated that Tony Blair should be impeached for his involvement of Britain in the Iraq war, and the officer is not the first to say it. General Sir Michael Rose, former UN commander in Bosnia, says “I think the politicians should be held to account…my view is that Blair should be impeached. That would prevent the politicians treating quite so carelessly the subject of taking a country to war.

Rose sites a recently released memo stating that Blair was committed to regime change in Iraq 8 months before the war. He also points to the lack of a mandate from the UN Security Council and not finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. 23 British lawmakers filed a motion for Blair’s impeachment on charges of “gross misconduct” in Iraq, and a BBC former war correspondent is also outspoken in calling for Blair’s impeachment.

So the US’ chief ally in the war in Iraq is facing serious fire from all sides for their involvement in Iraq. Hasn’t the time come to question our continued presence in the country? Instead of using rhetoric and talking about the virtues of this war, isn’t it time for George Bush to answer serious questions on the lack of weapons of mass destruction, and his real reasons for invading the country? We, the people, deserve the truth.

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