Sunday, January 08, 2006

Mob Cop Takes Interview with 60 Minutes

On 60 minutes tonight, they had an interview with alleged mob cop Stephen Caraccappa. If half of what CBS reported turns out to be true, and with the evidence they showed I’m not sure how it could not be true, this guy deserves whatever punishment the legal system can throw at him.

I grew up in the Frank Rizzo era in Philadelphia, so I know the wide-spread implications within the police system. There is a real sense of futility when your police force is crooked, knowing that in a time of crisis engaging the police can be more dangerous then not calling the police. And certainly you didn’t want to get caught doing something wrong if your cop is crooked; there is a sense of invulnerability for crooked cops that often allow them to go outside the limits of acceptability.

But these guys appear to have been way worse then just cops living outside the law; these cops appear to have used their badge, and the trust that went along with it, to kill a crime family’s opposition. If this is true, these cops are despicable. Make an example of them, and show the country that this behavior will never be tolerated.

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