Sunday, January 08, 2006

Reject Palestinian Call for Peace Negotiations

Saeb Erekat, chief negotiator for Palestine, today called for a resumption of peace negotiations with interim Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. I’m sure this sounds like a great idea to you, and very convenient for your political aspirations in the upcoming Palestinian elections, but this is the worst possible concept for the region.

In a month, the Palestinian people will elect a new governing body that may or may not honor any agreements formed between the two people. And the Israelis will elect their own governing body in March with the same implications. What’s more, Olmert has never been elected to the office of Prime Minister; should he really represent the will of as divided a people as the people of Israel without having been elected by them?

Engaging in peace negotiations now can only serve to help both sides posture themselves for the upcoming elections. Do what’s right for the people, and first allow them to decide who they want negotiating. This is also a clear sign of what direction they want the negotiations to take. Listen to the people; they will lead the two countries towards a brighter future.

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