Friday, January 06, 2006

The Mystery Friend

I have a friend, a very cool guy. He always has interesting perceptions on events going on around the world. His views are rarely the same as mine, but they are always insightful. And while I may not agree with many of his arguments when the conversation is done, I have always learned something. He has posted here, he posts on other message boards all the time, and I have actually done posts based on his views in the past as well.

So I thought I would write a bit about him, our shared time in Israel, our common experiences growing up, what helped shape his views. And I was thinking I would post his photo, talk about our friendship, maybe the first in a series of posts about different friends around the world.

Meanwhile, the guy was totally against it. He wants to stay anonymous, doesn’t want anyone to know who expresses these views. Hopes to never have a photo of him posted anywhere, cloaked in the darkness of the shady man. He is the mystery man, with enough brightness to fill a room but dimmed by his own by his own desire for obscurity.

So here’s to the mystery man. He’s a great friend, I’ve known him forever, and I love him like a brother. May he move out of the shade, and let his light shine forth.

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