Saturday, January 07, 2006

Perception of the US after Indecisiveness in Iraq

A few days ago I posted about the Middle East’s adherence to Hama Rules, and the need for the US to make a swift attack against the Iranian Nuclear reactor. The reason this is so important in this statement by Bin Laden’s right-hand man, Ayman al-Zawahiri. Al-Zawahiri is congratulating Iraq on defeating the US in the present war.

The US considers this war a victory because we deposed Saddam Hussein. But the Islamic world can see it differently, as this article shows. Al-Zawahiri points to the US indicating that we are pulling out of Iraq as proof of Iraq’s victory, but he could have just as easily cited the election of a more fundamentalist government then the Hussein government, the over 2,000 US troops that have perished in car-bombings, or the failure to intimidate other leaders in the region with our might.

What is scary is that Bush does not understand that failure in war in the Middle East is an invitation to countries in the region to attack your interests. It is for this reason that Ahmadinejad is rising to prominence now, it is also why the Russians are able to comfortably ally themselves with the Iranians. And it is why Al Qaeda, who still appears to be living in the hills along the Pakistan/Afghanistan border, is willing to laugh at the US openly.

Show us some heart, George W. Go and prove that the US is still a super power before the Islamic world believes one of these leaders when they say that they can beat the US in a war. Show us your pride, be swift and decisive. If there is ever a time for action, this is it.

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