Friday, January 06, 2006

Just In Case You Thought Ahmadinejad has Any Human Decency…

Iran’s president Ahmadinejad really has a gift for the gab. Today, while leaders from around the world praised and fretted for Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Ahmadinejad said he hopes Sharon dies.

"Hopefully, the news that the criminal of Sabra and Chatilla has joined his ancestors is final," President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying. "Hopefully, others (criminals like him) will join him too,"

Well, he’s consistent. But people who are destined to be become true leaders of their people, even in the Middle East, know a balance between showing strength and showing compassion. Ahmadinejad definitely has shown little on the compassion side to date. In fact, he also hasn’t shown too much on the factual side, either.

Well, for now, he will just be my favorite ranting topic, and I’ll continue to think he’s a dangerous person to have as a leader of any nation, let alone Iran. And I suspect I’ll wind up writing one of these every time he opens his mouth.

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