Friday, January 06, 2006

Sharon a Dove? I Don’t Think So

With Ariel Sharon on Death’s door after his massive stroke, the media is painting a picture of a leader who changed from a hawk into a dove over the later years in his life, pointing to the handing over that Gaza strip as proof that Sharon has “mellowed” over his later years.

Admittedly, I think relinquishing Gaza was an important step towards a lasting peace. But Sharon, a dove? Up to his last day, Ariel Sharon was a warrior, feared and/or hated by much of the Muslim world, adored by the Israelis who are comforted by the protection he provides.

Let’s not forget about the walk up the Temple Mount in September of 2000. His heavy retaliations during the beginning of the 2nd antifadah. Bull-dozing of houses, massive air strikes, targeted assassinations, and the building of the fence; these are the legacies of Sharon’s tenure as Prime Minister as much as the return of Gaza and the opening of the border between Egypt and Gaza are.

I admit that at many times I have not trusted Sharon’s intentions, and I was wrong about that; Sharon turned out to be an excellent Prime Minister. But to call Sharon a dove in his later years, well, you’re missing a huge part of what made him a great Prime Minister. Sharon did whatever he could to make the people of Israel feel safe, whether that was to court peace or the dogs of war. That was why Sharon was a great Prime Minister.

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