Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Iran Doesn’t Care About UN Sanctions

It has become obvious that Iran does not care about the potential for UN sanctions. The removal of the UN seals at their nuclear plant in Natanz is only one in a string of remarks and actions which state that fact clearly. With the American military spread thin with obligations in Iraq, there is no real threat which the international community can make which will give Iran reason to pause their present determination to have nuclear weapons.

Are we heading for another Cuban missile crisis? Present missiles have longer range capabilities and better accuracy than when Kennedy had the issue to deal with, but then again the target may be as close to home for Iran as Israel. And should Iran develop nuclear weapons capability, do we really expect them not to sell bombs to terrorist groups, especially groups that they back?

We need to find a solution to this issue, and now! If we do not, it won’t be long before we have much bigger issues to worry about.

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