Friday, February 10, 2006

Bush a Disgrace to his Office and to the Country

I had a conversation today with a friend where we discussed Bush’s reaction to the Mohammed Cartoons. Bush tried to balance a fine line, to speak in favor of free speech but to condemn the Danish cartoonists and publishers for their insensitivity. And much of the world congratulated Bush on his response, some even emulated him.

President Bush, you have forgotten what this country is about, and you have done irreparable damage to the cause of freedom because of that. And while some may praise your tact and handling of this sticky situation, I have to question your actions, and wonder what message it sends to the hundreds of thousands of patriots who have died for the ideals we hold sacred.

1. Freedom means complete freedom, and there can be no abridgement of that freedom. Telling people they have to moderate their comments is to say “abridge your freedom of speech, or of the press.” Compare the values that the late Coretta Scott King represented to the values Bush showed in this case, and it truly is an embarrassment.

2. We never negotiate with terrorists. We never let terrorists intimidate us, and we never make decisions with a gun pointed at our collective head. This only reinforces terrorism, and will prompt more terrorists to act assuming they can sway government policies.

3. Never abandon your friends. While the world looked to the US for the correct statement to make about the cartoon issue, Bush chose to leave his allies in Denmark out in the cold, condemning them and isolating them from any country that followed the United States’ prompt. Our alliance and friendship with Scandanavia and the EU is important in these tumultuous times, and we should have backed our friends this time.

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