Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cheney Interview with Fox News on Hunting Accident

OK, just a quick post here, while typing my last post, about the need for someone to take responsibility in the Katrina incident, I was watching the interview with Dick Cheney being broadcast on Fox News. The first thing that is noticeable is that Cheney immediately takes full responsibility for the incident. The second is that he seems sincerely sorry to have hurt his friend.

Maybe I’m a sucker, and being played by a politician. But Cheney looked sincere. He says his first instinct was to get medical attention for his friend, and then to contact Whittington’s wife. He asked the third personon the hunt, Ms. Armstrong, a parks official and gaming specialist, to contact the media, and make sure an accurate report was made on the incident. It appears Armstrong did not show urgency in reporting the issue, which is not 100% surprising since she’s not a politician.

In hindsight, should Cheney have made sure he contacted the media immediately, and disclosed details himself? Yes, perhaps he should have. But would you or I have done anything different, or would any moral person care first and foremost about their friend? I would have done the same as Cheney, but I can’t speak for you. But, after this interview, do I believe that far too much time has been spent on a non-story, a simple mistake? Yes, you can question Cheney’s judgment but not his morals. Let’s move on to important issues.

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