Monday, February 20, 2006

Halliburton Sold Nuclear Reactor Components to Iran

Halliburton is quickly living up to its reputation as the evil empire here at home. The fact that Cyrus Nasseri, former vice chairman of the board of directors for Oriental Oil Kish and a key negotiator for Iran with the IAEA, is being indicted for receiving $1M in bribes from Halliburton. NOW it has come out that in April of last year, well after Halliburton sold the company centrifuges and detonators specifically for use in Iran’s nuclear program. In May, Washington pushed Halliburton to conclude business with Oriental Oil Kish, but evidently this was too late.

In October, when this story was first released on Al-Jazeera, several members of Oriental Kish Oil had been arrested and were under questioning on charges of economic corruption for their dealings with Halliburton. The oil company has strong ties to the recently defeated Mullah party, probably resulting in their rebukes by the present government. Halliburton has had strong ties and business dealings with Iran since 1996, which means those dealings occurred for four years while Dick Cheney was CEO.

This issue was reported on Al-Jazeera, and has resurfaced now as some of the senior members of Oriental Oil Kish are going to trial. But I have never seen it run on the US press. The press is willing to attack Cheney mercilessly on a hunting accident, where he really only made a mistake, and will ignore the fact that his company started illegally traded with a “rogue” nation, and the business ties created during his tenure as CEO of Halliburton eventually resulted in the sale of the items Iran needed to create an atomic bomb? OK, reporters, time to get your eyes on the ball!

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