Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Iran Insulates Nuclear Program

Today the negotiations between Russia and Iran failed, as Iran refused to cease their nuclear program under any circumstances. This comes a day after Iran struck a deal with China that would make Iran Chan’s top oil supplier, in exchange for higher technologies.

By striking a deal with China, Iran greatly strengthens ties with an important player in the UN Security Council, and another military powerhouse with loose ties, at best, to the West. Indeed, were a conflict to arise between the West and the Middle East, many question which side China would come in on.

I had no real hope that Iran would accept any solution that would include the cessation of their own nuclear development. I believe Iran does want a nuclear weapon, and they want to construct it without the West knowing the timeline for their program and the strength of their weaponry. It’s a tactical military move, and can only be accomplished if Iran enriches its own Uranium.

But this does lend a note of finality, an air that the line has been drawn, and there are no real options left. The IAEA meets March 6th, and they’ll decide the world’s next move against this growing threat. And meanwhile, countries like the US and Israel will decide if they can or will take action on their own. But the last option has failed, so all countries must decide how to proceed.

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