Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Envelope Please…

I have to say, it was exciting tonight to set up the random number generator to correspond to the 84 person list of people that had responded on any of my posts about superpowers in the world today. And it was very cool when I matched the winning number with the right line on the spreadsheet and found that the winner of 500 BE credits was…

TROUBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (The fans go crazy, there’s chaos, rioting in the streets, and madness, folks, total madness) This blog, named Dubious Wonder, is dedicated single mother of a 12 year old boy, and includes a great header file and stories that you’ll love. Check it out.

Second place went to Omar, who won 250 credits. His blog, Epiac’s place, is excellent blog with consistently current material and some excellent insights.

10 credit prizes were also aworded to Cat, Walker, Beam, Irina, Soccer Dad, CyberCelt, Amy, Shelly, Laura Lohr, and Lisa Renee. All are great sites and deserve a view. I’ve been reading Soccer Dad daily for about 3 months, and he is definitely worth some views. But now that I’m seeing each of them, wow, really good content in these bloggers, so check them out.

As many of you know, my new template has had some sizing issues and challenges. Well, the issues are ongoing, and I’ve pulled out most of my hair over them, but I’ve hired Pablo to help me, and he’s excellent. Going inside of someone else’s code and looking for issues is not easy at all, and he’s doing a great job of it, addressing issue after issue. So if you have isolated issues, I thoroughly recommend working with him. Also, I could use any feedback you can give me on the site as it stands, so I can continue to improve upon it with Pablo’s help.

Thanks to everyone for participating. More posts tomorrow, and the next post in the superpower series should be Friday.

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