Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Liberal Pundit Dodd Throws Name into Presidential Candidate's Ring

Senator Christopher Dodd (D-Connecticut) threw his hat into the ring today for the 2008 presidential election. The 62 year old Democrat brings all of the experience that the Democrats would hope for from a candidate for president, but his image as an outspoken proponent of partisan causes makes me worry that his appearance on any ticket will turn the 2008 election into a mudslinging event, allowing candidates once again to avoid the crucial issues that face this country.

Perhaps the biggest feather in Dodd’s cap is the Family and Medical Leave Act, which he campaigned tirelessly for. He was chairman of the DNC in 1994, has been a long-standing (and vocal) member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and has a strong bond with minority groups around the country.  And he has the right reasons for running, citing the constant rumblings from his constituents that change is necessary.

"Families are under incredible pressure. They're working less and paying more," he said. "There's a sense the challenges they face are unprecedented."

But being a good and qualified candidate gets you no where in a US presidential election.  What will be more pronounced is Dodd’s lack of funds (he has $2M in the war chest, compared to $20M for Hillary Clinton), his history of extra-curricular activities (Dodd was consistently in the tabloinds in the 80s and early 90s for cheating on his wife), and his liberal bias that made him an outspoken leader for partisan causes.

I admit, I’ve liked many of Dodd’s positions over the years, and certainly he is an eloquent and passionate advocate.  But it seems to me that running far to the left in 2008 will only widen the gap that’s growing between the Republicans and Democrats in this country today. Instead, the Dems need a candidate that can help close the rift in the country, and heal the wounds that we’ve all felt on a personal level. And in my opinion, Dodd will not accomplish this.

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