Friday, May 19, 2006

Hazings Seem to be Good Clean Fun

OK, I admit it, I am mainly writing this post because it’s just so easy to do a pictorial post, as opposed to a full writing post, and partially because everyone is still talking about the hazing issue, and I figured that now that I have a real opinion, as opposed to being so undecided, I should express it.

So what is my opinion? That this is no big deal!  Bad Jocks printed pictures from 12 hazings at other schools, and frankly the worst thing shown is underage drinking.  These are college freshmen; who cares if they drink a bit? Every college freshmen I know did a bit of drinking, and I think you only condemn these students if you are holding them to higher standards because they’re athletes.  And to me that’s not fair.

The Catholic University Women’s Lacrosse team hired a stripper.  I have no idea if that’s legal or illegal, but I certainly don’t see it as immoral. Men get strippers for parties; let the women have their fun.

Perhaps the most humiliating comes from Elon University’s Men’s Baseball team.  But is this a photo of a crime?  Not in my eyes!

Wake Forest Women’s Volleyball tied recruits to a beam, got them drunk, and painted them.  Some would say that’s pushing the envelope. I might believe that it’s pushing the envelope a bit far for Bad Jocks to list the team’s roster.

Sure, this shirt from Farleigh Dickenson’s Women’s Softball initiation is more than a bit suggestive, and the group of photos includes some passed out girls.  But it does look like everyone’s having a good time, and who’s really getting hurt?

James Madison U Women’s Soccer showed pictures of lots of women, booze and blindfolds, but there is no indication things got any more out of hand than a bunch of drunk college girls.

And the hazing goes ivy, as this is the Princeton Cheerleeding squad.  Now I understand why the Princeton education is so expensive.  They could cheer for me any time, and I see no problem with their hazing.

Finally, the Quinnipiac University Men’s Baseball initiation including this whip cream girl.  OK, I admit it, I want an invitation.  How did I miss out on all this?

Anyway, like I said, to me it seems like good, clean fun, and if these pics are indicative or what was happening at Northwestern, I say reinstate the soccer team, they have done nothing worse then growing up, and should be held to the same standards as other young adults their age.

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