Monday, May 15, 2006

The Reunion – Aftermath

I arrived back home last night after my 20th high school reunion, and now that I’ve recovered some, it’s back to posting as well as a million other tasks. But at the very least I want to begin with blogging, and blogging about my high school reunion, which I must say I really enjoyed.

One of the unfortunates of being a nomad is that you invariably lose touch with amazing people, as you are never anchored in one place long enough to keep a phone number or email address (thus the reason I didn’t hear about the reunion until the last minute).  And while traveling around, meeting new people and facing new challenges is often exciting, it’s hard not to sometimes look back on the lost friends with regret.

Now I must say I felt like a bit of an outsider at Germantown Friends School, not really fitting in with the majority of my classmates; friendly enough with all of them to share a conversation, but not really close with many of the people.  Of course the majority of the blame falls on me, who hadn’t really found myself enough to find other people.  But still, I quickly realized that I was part of a very special group at GFS.

Seeing these people again drove home how special they are.  Their occupations ran from a botanist working in the hills of Tibet to a professor of Renaissance History, from an author/editor to a surfing specialist to a classical singer, with a wide variety of educators and other professionals in between.

Many had amazing families with bright, intelligent children and roots dug into our community.  Our hostess has a full family and owns and runs her own pastry shop which I understand to be amazing – where does she find the time?  In all, I couldn’t help but be impressed with all the people I saw there, and to wish I had taken more time to keep in touch with these individuals after leaving high school.

I wake up today thinking how much better I’m going to be at keeping in touch with these people. The realistic side knows that by tomorrow there will be new goals and challenges that will occupy my thoughts and time, and I will be struggling to keep up with all the tasks that face me, but there are some things you just have to make time for, and this is one.  And I hope that I won’t wait 20 years to get my next updates.

All the photos from the reunion party can be seen here.

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