Saturday, May 06, 2006

We have a Winner

That’s right folks, we have a winner in the dinner party raffle.  And the winner is…

HellonHeels. Hellon may have had some divine intervention to win her the 500 credits, as her dinner party was religious in nature, including Jesus, Mohammed, Moses and Buddha. Do you want to bet that her dinner party would be much more relaxed then a dinner party with a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew, and a Buddhist? Amazing how far the religions have strayed from their origins.

Some other good dinner party guests? Well, sticking with religious figures, Michele includes Satan on her list, Cat wants disciples Peter and Thomas at her table, Pablo included Aristotle and Bertrand Russel, and Kit included Gandhi.  If you’re looking for politicians, Tricia gives us JFK, Pax wants to break bread with Bush and Lincoln (he says it’s because he wants to give Bush a piece of his mind, but I’m not sure I believe it), a ton of other presidents were asked for, and crazily enough, Keb wants Hitler over for chow.

On the entertainment side, Indeterminacy wanted Benny Goodman over along with other Jazz musicians, Renegade Eye asked for 4 beautiful women including Salma Hayek and Jessica Alba, Sheila wants Woody Allen and Aretha Franklin, and BabyBoglet would include David Bowie, Eddie Vedder and Lou Reed. John Lennon and Bruce Springsteen also made lists.

And on a more sentimental note, Suzanne included all family, including her living sister who would kill her if she wasn’t included.  And Jason included his wife, because he would want to share such a great evening with her.  Great lists everyone, thank you for participating, and congratulations again to HellonHeels.

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