Thursday, May 04, 2006


Consider me blown away!  

I missed it, completely at first, what with all the excitement in the show. Right from the get go, non-stop action. Ana Lucia getting strangled by Henry, Hurley stepping up the courtship of Libby, Sawyer and Ana Lucia having sex in the jungle, Michael coming back and regaining consciousness.  Each commercial I was on the phone with me friend, talking about the scenes, and theorizing as to what would happen next.

It passed before my eyes!

Of course our theories were no where close to the genius of the ending of last night’s episode, as Michael apparently has been brainwashed, and took out Ana Lucia to free Henry. And I must admit it hurt to see him kill poor Libby, the first real sign of happiness for Hurley, who I like tremendously. I was shocked and awed by it all.

And I missed the best part!

Today, I was looking through old posts, trying to start my favorites list so I can build it on the fly when I add past posts to the site.  And then I found it, a post from last week, mentioning a game that was going to be launched during the commercials on this episode of Lost!  A game that would follow the Lost storyline, ostensibly examining another hatch or something, and revealing more Lost secrets.

I totally missed it!

So I went back on my TiVo, replaying all the commercial segments, and saw nothing. I must have missed it. And then watching the commercials a second time around, there it was, a commercial for The Hanso Organization, a fictional company that has been talked about in the show.  It looks like a normal commercial, and it sounds like a normal commercial, although well done, but all of the sudden I realized this was no normal commercial.

I wrote it down!

The commercial said: Since the dawn of time, man has been curious, imagining all that is possible. The Hanso Foundation, reaching out to a better tomorrow.  Discover the experience for yourself. Call 1-877-Hansorg.

I called the number!

It took a couple tries to get through, but there it was, a message in Japanese with a few English words that can be made out. IT is quiet and hard to hear regardless.  And it tells you the next step. As for me, I’m letting you take those next steps, because I need to figure out my next step, and stay one step ahead of you. Who knows, maybe at the end I won’t be so lost!  Good luck all.

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