Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Big Blogger Task #1

Woohoooo! I have been allowed into Big Blogger 2, the blog version of Big Brother. I gotta say, this looks like tons of fun, and I’m very psyched.  There are, I believe, 9 other housemates, and the BIG BLOGGER who watches everything we do.  Every week we get assignments, and a couple weeks in people start getting kicked out.  I don’t know if there’s a prize, but it sounds fun enough to me.  

For our first task, we are required to design a brand new product that would be used for the house.  There’s nothing in there, no power or plumbing at first I believe, so I figured necessities would be key. We do have drinks (Sump Cola, from Rebecca), and we got cereal (Scorn Flakes, from Scotland of the Soul), but we have neither major food stores nor milk for the cereal.  Thus, I present the house with the cut-up cow.

Welcome to the world of major food storage with the Cut-Up Cow!  Originally designed for use in bomb-shelters, the Cut-Up Cow provides enough meat, vegetables, and milk for 30 days of family feasting.

The Cut-Up Cow is a self-contained storage unit and cooker for you and your family. Hungry? Cut off a steak, put it in the self-contained oven in the stomach cavity, and ½ an hour later, your eating.  Thirsty?  You know where to get the milk. For vegetables, the optional refrigerated storage pack keeps your vegetables crisp, but you choose where to store it.

The Cut-Up Cow converts hydrogen molecules from the air to generate power, and uses layers from the cows on skin to insulate the food and maintain freshness of the food. Sure, it smells like cow, but it tastes like cow too.  So come grab your Cut-Up Cow today, and feed your family for two months.

So my thanks to Big Blogger Two for including me in the game.  Hopefully I’ll get a cheering section from some of my readers out there, and good luck to all the houseguests:

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