Saturday, April 29, 2006

Rush Limbaugh – Criminal or Just Jerk

I was not surprised in the least yesterday to hear that Rush Limbaugh had been arrested again on a drug charge, with this charge being “doctor shopping”, which I understand to mean that he went to different doctors that didn’t know he was in treatment so that he could get prescriptions.  Makes sense, it’s probably the only way he could get drugs.

The whole situation left me in a bit of an intellectual quagmire. On one hand, are we really going to hang this guy out to dry just because he took some pain killers? As far as I’m concerned, taking drugs hurts no one but yourself, as long as it doesn’t push you towards violent crime or something. So I’ve got no problem with his drug use, in and of itself, and don’t think it should be such a huge public issue.

On the flip side, I find no one more annoying and more blatantly attacking than Rush Limbaugh. I listen to him from time to time, just to hear who he’s attacking today.  His whole reputation is built upon tearing other people down, and the other right-wing conservative radio hawks are a huge problem we face in the US today: the growing divide in the nation.

What’s more, I find it extraordinarily hypocritical that Limbaugh bought his way out of this charge, only agreeing to continue his treatment and pay a $30,000 fine to cover the cost of the investigation. He probably makes more doing one radio broadcast, and in that broadcast I bet dimes to dollars that he’ll be nailing three Democrats for buying their way out of trouble.

But in the end of the day, it’s not fair to attack a person because I don’t like what he’s saying.  Rush Limbaugh hurt no one but himself, and he’s already trying to conquer his addiction. Leave him alone already, and stop prying into his life.

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