Saturday, April 29, 2006

Introducing the Snub Club

Snub Club Winner As I have been mentioning in recent posts, I’ve have noticed a trend where people recently have been more willing to speak out against President Bush, his administration, and the litany of policies which are slowly but surely undermining the security of our nation and its citizens.

So far, I’ve been focusing on the celebrities who have spoken out against the Bush administration.  But it’s time to focus on some of the most eloquent anti-Bush verbiage out there – the words of fellow bloggers.

Thus, I introduce the Snub Club, a weekly post celebrating some of the greatest snubs of George W. Bush in the blogosphere. During the week I’ll give awards to certain well-done Bush snubs, and then I’ll link to them at the end of the week. It’s that simple!

Written a good snub, or know of one? Link to it here, and if I use it I’ll give you credits on BlogExplosion or BlogMad, based on the quality of the submission. Top prize is 250 credits on either site.  So hit me with your best snub!  And maybe you can join the Snub Club.


We have our first winner of the Snub Club Award. Brad's Brain published the piece Remove Nozzle and Bend Over. Take a look at this post, you'll love it!

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