Tuesday, April 25, 2006

“Lost” and Found; Hit Show Breaks New Ground

Today, ABC announced the release of the “Lost Experience”, an online interactive game that will run a parallel story line to the plot line shown on ABC Wednesday nights. Each week a new clue would be revealed to viewers, beginning May 3rd, and the clues will broadcast across all ABC affiliates and 19 other networks on 5 continents. It is being billed as the “largest interactive challenge based on a TV series”. But that’s all we know.

No further information for "Lost Experience" is being released, and network executives say future clues could pop up in any part of the world and on any medium. Fans from different countries will have to reach out to each other and trade information if they want to start sleuthing.

"The game reaches back into 'Lost' history and looks forward to future episodes," said Mike Benson, senior vice president of marketing for ABC Entertainment.

What’s even better is that the game will shed light on the storyline we’ve all fallen in love with, so while playing we’ll also delve deeper into the mystery behind the island. Plus, the game does not require too much prior knowledge of the island letting newcomers to the show enjoy it as much as dedicated viewers like myself.

But “Lost” doesn’t only have to break new ground.  In TV Guide this week (sorry, I have no link) ABC Entertainment President decided that the show would take a page from other hit show “24” by making more consecutive episodes, with less repeats between shows.  Evidently, “Lost” has had some gripes over the issue from viewers, but they’re responding.

Lost is basking in the sun these days, sitting at the top of the ratings chart, and in weeks when there’s a new episode, dominating the water cooler chats. It looks like a bright future for Lost, and I suspect the new game will further solidify their place at the top of the television heap. For my part, I’m just psyched for the next new episode.

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