Saturday, April 22, 2006

Congressional Speech Meme

My friend James has started a meme, and I think it’s very cool. Basically, the meme works like this: write out what you would say to congress if you were given 5 minutes on the floor to speak your mind. Well, I’ve written it, whittled it down so it reads in 4:58, and I’m ready to head to Washington. Think they would listen?

Hello esteemed members of congress, and thank you for your gracious hospitality in allowing me to speak today. I believe my presence here is a testament to the original vision of our forefathers, the belief that every citizen has a voice, and that our government is, and always will be, accountable to its citizens. I only hope I can live up to their vision as a representative of the people.

Because their vision is in jeopardy today. Our forefathers believed that government is meant to protect the tenants of democracy and the people within the democracy, from dangers within and without. But as our government has slowly eased the protection over our freedoms, the pillars which this society is built upon, the dangers have grown, both for democracy as a whole and for the citizens of the United States.

Our government says we must sacrifice civil liberties to protect the country’s citizens. But if we truly practice democracy, its letter and its spirit, then we will be tolerant of other societies and belief systems, and not practice any form of imperialism in lands abroad. And this will do more to protect the citizens of this great land than any measure of surveillance ever could.

Our government claims we must send our troops overseas to protect the United States’ interests and ensure democracy in Iraq. But our young men are dying to institute democracy in a region where the majority of the people do not want democracy. Protect our citizens and the tenants of democracy by allowing Iraq and the surrounding countries, to choose their own governments in their own time, and you will see the true power and allure of democracy as countries gravitate towards it over time.

While our troops are sent overseas, and our emergency relief workers fight terrorism, who defends our citizens from the acts of God, the Hurricane Katrina’s and mudslides and earthquakes. Every indication is that these events will increase in coming years, and our resources are committed elsewhere. So concentrate efforts on being prepared for these natural disasters, and protect your citizens at home.

Believe me, honored listeners, I do not wish to denigrate you or the magnificent work you have done. Even those with different views I respect for their dedication to public service, for giving their time, effort and energy to this glorious country. And as such I hate to speak ill of the work you have done for this land I call home.

But each of you, every member of Congress, has an opportunity that few of us can enjoy, the opportunity to really make a difference. In a time of such uncertainly, you have the ability to do so much good. Will you now be stopped only by the needs of politics? Will you squander this opportunity to move this country back towards the safety we once enjoyed?

I wish it was an easy enough time that you could enjoy a normal tenure in office, and work on matters that weren’t so delicate and so important, but these are not such times. Despite the distractions, remember what made this country special, what made it a beacon of light from its inception until today. And let that light guide us through the dangerous waters ahead.

I thank you for your time, your service, and all your good intentions, in which I have no doubt. I only hope that they will serve to protect us in these dangerous times.

So anyway, that would be my 5 minutes speech to congress, what would be yours? Type it up, and make sure you link to it here, so I can go see what you wrote and others can as well. I look forward to reading it.

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