Friday, April 21, 2006

It’s Alive!

WOOOHOOOOO! Once again, I have a blog! That’s right, I have a blog, and I’m lovin’ it baby!

First, thanks to Pablo, who helped put this together. He did it in record time, after seeing what happened this morning, and helped stave off some of the problems while they were occurring.

Pablo is not only a good designer who really has a creative flair for the sites, he also is excellent at coding, and can tighten up any existing problems with your site, or even add in special animations and features. Look him up, he’s well worth it.

Still to Come

I have about 150 posts to put up, as well as favorites, changing the marquee, and a few odds and sods. I’ll be hitting those starting tomorrow (in between other tasks). Also, improvements are still being made to the site.

Any comments on the new look and feel would be appreciated. Plus, a few people have written in that they want to be included in the blogroll. Now is a good time for that, so if you want to be included in the blogroll, and are willing to add me to yours, post a comment.

And The Envelope Please…

I wasn’t able to recover my last post from yesterday evening, but I have found the information on who won my lottery and I’m more than pleased to announce that the inner of the 500 BE credit raffle was:

Trouble!!!! Trouble has a great site, she is a single mother with great stories and some cool views on life. Add in a great header file, and this blog definitely deserves a visit. Second place went to Omar, who won 250 credits, a site a just found but must say I like. Keep blogging Omar.

Finally, a couple of additional thanks to Irina, for writing a great post of support for me today, for Matt, who has given me supportive comments and been a general friend, and to James for his on-site technical support. Plus, a quick thank you to the gf, who was understanding when I broke our date…I don’t know if I deserve someone so good!

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