Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dinner Party Game Meme and 500 BE Credit Raffle

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This is a very cool game that I read about over at Renegade Eye’s site, although I think it was in a movie before as well, I forget the name of it, a group of liberals who invited right-wingers over for dinner, heard their argument, then killed them and planted them in the tomato garden.

Anyway, the game goes like this. Let’s say you’re having a dinner party. You can invite any four people, living or dead, from any period in history. Who do you invite?  If you played before, use different guests.

So anyway, I'll start.

John Lennon

Karl Marx

Thomas Jefferson

Jessica Alba

Mahatma Gandhi

Could you imagine the conversation you could have over dinner about the utopian society and the nature of government?  Admittedly, there might be a person or two I would want more than Gandhi, but the combination of the 4 I think would be fascinating.

How about you?  Two choices here: either 1) write in the comments section the four people you would have for dinner, or 2) post this on your site, and make sure you link back to your post in the comments section.

Anyone who is listed in the comments section will be registered for a raffle that will take place on Friday night, May 5th. Top prize will be 500 BE credits in 2 installments, second prize will be 250 BE credits, and a number of winners will win 10 credits. All winners will be linked to in a larger post as well.

So who do you invite for dinner?  And if you feel like it, give us a menu as well. Gandhi would make cooking real tough, wouldn’t he?  Actually, I think both he and Lennon would be strict vegetarians, while I’m pretty sure Thomas Jefferson was a meat and potatoes man. Anyway, look forward to your answers.

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