Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Big Blogger Task #3: The Ode

For big blogger this week I was asked to make an ode to an object.  I decided to do an ode to my filing cabinet.  So without further ado:

My filing cabinet, standing straight and proud,
In the corner and far from view,
Behind the Chinese screen and door
I don’t doubt your loneliness is true,

And yet in the corner as you sit there still,
Waiting in with patient grace,
You maintain some order in my life,
And allow me to keep my pace.

In drawer one, the most pressing docs,
From bills to insurance to work,
The lessons plans from my Hebrew school,
And all past receipts do lurk.

One drawer down is my past 10 years,
Only important things,
Hebrew and Arabic, Russian and Dutch,
Even Old English from this drawer sings.

One more drawer down finds my childhood memories,
Stories and papers and such,
Some photographs from K-6 stay shut into this drawer,
The memories overwhelm me too much.

And finally the bottom drawer,
With pictures and knickknacks, things special to me,
I go through this drawer time and again,
Just to find what there is to see.

A nomad I am, running around all the time,
And it’s hard to keep track of the past.
Thank heavens for the comfort of my filing cabinet,
Which makes sure all my memories last.

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