Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Radio Show, Graduation, A Raffle, and an Ode to Drummers

This was an interesting weekend.  Against the backdrop of a variety of tasks which are essential and a lack of motivation and general malaise, I had two spectacular events: my first radio show in 4 years and the graduation of my first Hebrew school class in 20 years. Let me give you a few thoughts on both, as well as a start a raffle in my Ode to the Drums Contest.

The Radio Show

First, the radio show. It was amazing to get back on the air after many years away.  I have done DJing off and on since college, and I really enjoy the experience. I have a certain love of music, and being able to share it with people, to maybe turn them on to a tune they’ve never heard before or a rare version that is really well done, to me, is a total blast.

DJing for BlogExplosion Radio was even better than past shows, because most of the listeners were also chatting in the ShoutBox chat room on BlogExplosion, and I was able to read their reactions to the songs I played.  Listeners would comment on the songs they loved, and rarities like Santana’s version of She’s Not There had everyone in the room talking.  Such instant gratification is hard to come by and very rewarding.

Ode to Drummers and Raffle

So since I’m doing the show once a week, I figured I would do a theme segment on each show, basically doing an ode to a different instrument each week. What do I mean? Well, for example this week will be an ode to the drums. The two-song segment will feature two amazing drummers that just blow the mind.  One will be my choice, and one will be the choice of the readers of this blog.

Now I’ve made my selection for the top drummer, that being Neil Pert of Rush. Who is your favorite drummer?  A few possibilities I can think of are Keith Moon of the Who, Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac, or John Bonham of Led Zeppelin.  But submit your choice, and I’ll add popular choices to the survey. The person who submits the drummer that gets voted in will win 250 credits and be named during the radio show Saturday.

Blatant Pandering

And along those lines, I hate to ask people to listen, but I would love it if you would listen in.  You can access the show on BlogExplosion, and give me suggestions for other groups you would like to hear, well, here.  Plus, if you have a headline you would like read, or would like to host a contest, definitely let me know here as well. The show airs at 8pm EST every Saturday, including this one.

Graduation of my Hebrew School Class

The other cool event was the graduation of my7th grade Hebrew school class. They were an amazing group of kids, and extremely bright; I must say I will miss them.  Each student was very unique from the other, and with a class of 5 they sort of reminded me of the Breakfast Club (although it was 2 guys and 3 girls). And they were each outstanding in their own way like the Club as well.

Really, this group of kids was tremendously bright, and anxious to try anything new. During current events they learned to critically analyze the issues of the day, instead of just accepting what they are told. During Israeli history they showed a real attachment to the holy land that I suspect will carry over into other aspects of their lives.

Anyway, it was a wonderful group to teach for my first time in so many years, and I hope down the road I will hear from them, and discover that they’ve become leaders in the Jewish community.  In the interim, I couldn’t be prouder of my graduating class.  

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