Friday, June 02, 2006

Fun with Search Engines

Sometimes humor comes at you from the strangest places. Today, it came from the search engines.

I was looking through the various hits on my site today, and someone had found my site using WebCrawler, entering the search expression “Batwoman a Lesbian”. This linked to my post from Tuesday on the revamping of the DC Comics Superhero team to be more diverse, including the remake of Batwoman as a lipstick lesbian.

The funny aspect was to be found in the “Did you mean?” section of the search results, which asks if the submitter really mean to submit: “Batman a Lesbian”. Now, I’m as open to new ideas as the next guy, but is it really possible that Batman could be a lesbian? I mean, hey, Bruce Wayne, Batman’s alter ego is a man so can he possibly be a lesbian?

Perhaps Aquaman could be a lesbian, since I don’t remember him every having a male alter-ego. In fact, did he even have legs, or just a fin, I can’t really remember, but besides his name he could be a female disguised as a male. And the Wonder Twins, who knows which is a guy and which is a gal. But Bruce Wayne is definitely a man, and thus, I believe, prohibits any possibility of him being a lesbian.

I was recanting this story to my friend, npanth, and he pointed out another little search engine abnormality. If you go over to Google, enter the search term “failure”, and instead of hitting the “Google Search” button hit the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button, you arrive at none other than President Bush’s home page!

I have no idea how the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button works, but I’m not sure if this would be funnier if it was determined by some sort of computer algorithm or if some programmer in Google set this up as a subtle jab at our commander in chief. But any way you look at it, you gotta love it!

Anyway, this just goes to show that sometimes you have to notice the little things, because they’re just too funny to let pass you by.

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