Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New Batwoman a Lesbian, and the ShoutBox Superhero Team

Cool news out of the UK, where DC Comics is trying to diversify their team of Superheroes both with regards to ethnicity and sexual orientation.  Perhaps the most appealing change will be Batwoman, who is coming back as a rich socialite “lipstick lesbian” with an ex-police detective, named Renee Montoya, as a lover.

Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman will no longer be a part of the superhero lineup. Additions will be Mexican teenager Blue Beetle, and the Great Ten, a group of Chinese superheroes. Firestorm and the Atom have been recreated as black and Asian, respectively, to add to the diversity of the team.

Meanwhile, I figured as long as DC can recreate their team of superheroes, I can create my own team of superheroes. So I am pleased to introduce to you the Shoutbox Superheroes team, pictured below!  Thanks again to Cat for applying her amazing creative skills.  If you have a superhero to add to the team, submit the picture, and I’ll post it here. In the mean time, we will fight for truth, justice, and the blogging way!

Update: We are looking for Super Villains! I will be the first, and already ANO has agreed to join me. Wanna be a Super Villain? Let me know, we'll include you in the follow-up post!

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