Thursday, May 25, 2006

Big Blogger 2 Task #4: Fixing Up A Room

As consistent readers of POAN know, I have been participating in a game for the past month called Big Blogger 2, a spoof of CBS’ Big Brother.  Ostensibly, a number of bloggers are co-habitating in a virtual house, and have to perform a number of tasks to avoid getting voted out of the house, and be the last blogger standing.  This week’s task is to do interior design, and spiffy up one room.

I am going to work on the basement. Often the most overlooked room of the house, I will make this the feature of the whole Big Blogger 2 house.  It is long and wide with cinderblock walls, making it an ideal room to make noise with lots of space to have some fun.  So I figure this is the room to work with!

First off, the whole concept of Big Blogger always brings me back to the 1970s-80s cold war mentality, so that will be the theme of the room. On the floor, I started with sound-absorbing tiles covered by some nice shag carpeting.  Shagalicious, baby! Then I added some insulation to the walls and covered it over with some nice wood paneling, insulated and tiled the low-hanging ceiling, and walla, instant rec room!

On one side of the room I added a pool table, dartboard, rack for the pool queues, and a chalkboard for keeping score. I cut a bar into the wall and fully stocked it, because who wants to play pool without something to drink?  And I added some pool hall lights above the table that illuminates that whole side of the room.  I added in two couches and an easy chair, and it’s comfortable in that section.

Well, by now I was feeling pretty industrious, so I installed a stage, complete with soundboard, amplifiers, guitars, a bass, drums, a keyboard, and a bunch of mics. I put in spotlights and colored swirling lights, as well as a disco ball, above the stage, and added in the rotating geode spotlight system first implemented in Pink Floyd’s Delicate Sound of Thunder tour to round out the effect.

And this being the 70s-80s, what stage would be complete without….Van Halen?  That’s right; I installed Van Halen in its original inception, including David Lee Roth (so guard the alcohol) and Eddie Van Halen. It’s rumored that drummer Alex has more than just alcohol to help pass the time, so feel to hang out with the band, and ask for a tune while you’re at it.  But no Van Hagar!

And as an added feature, the lovely Valerie Bertinelli screamed something like “no way in hell you’re going on a month long gig for no money by yourself” and clawed her way on to Eddie’s back, also making it into the house.  Please note that neither Bertinelli nor the band are members of the house, and thus should not be fed, even if they plead. (oh my, you would be shocked at some of the Bertinelli photos that popped up.  Blush)

So hang out down in the basement; I suspect that, before long, it will be the cool room in the Big Brother 2 house.

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