Friday, May 26, 2006

I Have Lost Every Battle of the Blogs, So Maybe This Will Help

I'm sure part of the reason I can't win one is that no one is posting battles these days, and as soon as I post one the same handful of lurkers grabs my battle (ProducerChic, do you ever get enough of stealing my credits?). And part of my problem has been that I've blogged on some more serious topics lately.

But certainly some of the reason I have lost 18 straight battles (19 after PC wins) is that all of you have beautiful women at the top of your blog, where I have none. Well, now I have all of your beautiful women, wrapped up into one! (Evil Laugh)

Thanks to CatEyes who created this form me, I think she did an awesome job! Plus, we'll add a game element into the post: if you can name 5 of the sites in the montage, I'll give you 10 credits, so play our montage game.

And also submitting comments here will register you for the radio show raffle during Saturday night's radio show on BE Radio. I'll be raffling off 250 credits, so feel free to comment here as to who is the best drummer, or post a dedication or headline you would like read during the show. Musical suggestions will can be posted here too.

That's about it. Have a great weekend all, and I hope you'll be listening Saturday night!

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