Friday, June 09, 2006

Live BE Radio Saturday Night at 8pm EST

Hey everybody! I am getting ready for another night of BE Radio, and looking for your input. Last week was a great week, with a lot of listeners and a ton of requests, but I know we can top it...can you help make it happen?

Last week, most of the requests asked for more upbeat, dancy, partying type of music, so that is what I have queued up so far. Is that what you want to hear? Let me know! I will get on your requests, whether they be specific songs, groups, or just a general idea of where you would like the music to go. So let me hear it.

Also, we had two dedications last week and read three headlines off of peoples blogs. If you have a headline or a dedication you would like read over the air, tell me here...I'll get it on for you, no problem! Plus, if you would like to host a contest, driving some traffic to your site and getting people to read at least one post on your blog, let me know, we are always looking for contest hosts.

The show is Saturday night, 8:00 pm est, and you can hear it on BE Radio. And while you're listening, join the ShoutBox Chatroom, where bloggers just like you are getting together, talking and partying to all the music I can dig up. This is your show, so make sure you're there to hear it!

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