Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A Look Into the Future

I found this awesome picture on Otilius' site, and it immediately got me thinking about the future.

The future is like a tunnel, where you can see a small part of what the future should hold for you. If you're like me, the future is very much like the baseball field, sunny, bright, and beautiful.

But the tunnel is dark, and you don't know what's going to be coming at you from either side of the tunnel. There could be things on the floor to trip you up or something hanging down to snare you. There may be doors on the side that lead to other tunnels.

And for this reason, you can't see the full picture of the future, only one small glimpse. Who knows if the image you see will even be the future you find, the future you call your own. But the image your moving to will determine how you handle the tunnel, and what you find at the other end of it.

Anyway, these are the thoughts elicited by this photo upon my first look at it. What do you when you look through the tunnel? Remember, the future is what you make of it.


I have a new renter, MsCatEyes! Cat has an excellent site, and is well worth a read. Cat had a visitor this past weekend. Name her visitor here in my comments section, and I'll give you 50 credits!

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