Thursday, June 22, 2006

More on Sarah Jane Porter, the Aids Assassin

A Quick Follow-Up to the post I ran last night on Sarah Jane Porter, the woman who, after being infected with aids by an Afro-Caribbean man, went on a spree attempting to infect as many Afro-Caribbean men as possible.

Porter has been sentanced, but to only 32 months in prison! Can you believe it? 32 months for infecting dozens of men with Aids, and then she'll be back on the street? Horrible, in my opinion. Meanwhile, one of her victims, Paul, issued a plea to other victims of this woman to be tested.

'If you've slept with her you could be HIV positive, you could be passing the virus to your wife, your girlfriend or boyfriend.' Recalling their affair, Paul said: 'I'd seen her a few times before, and we got talking in the club.

'I was really surprised when she gave me her number. She seemed really into me. Sarah is a very, very good dancer. She has real presence and doesn't have to work hard to attract men. 'I really thought I had met the girl of my dreams.'

Porter’s boyfriend, Mr. C., at first was worried he had passed Aids on to Porter, before finding out that she was the carrier of the disease.  Since learning he is infected, he has contemplated suicide multiple times.

'I was having what I believed was a breakdown and at this stage I could not cope with life,' he said. 'I did not care for myself and stopped washing and cleaning my clothes. At times even making dinner was too difficult.

'On one occasion I took some paracetamol and washed them down with alcohol intending to kill myself.  I stopped myself before I took too many but did consider suicide at several other points during this time. I hated myself and felt worthless.'

Kojak in MySpace reports on an editorial in The Guardian today was not endangering the lives of other people, but rather denying her condition and her racist digs.  Fortunately, Kojak agrees that Porter is a sociopath, and that endangering others is the real crime here. Not so for Beautiful Soul’s friend, who felt Porter didn’t tell people she was sick because she thought they wouldn’t want to sleep with her, and she would be unloved. Crazy, huh?

Porter’s parents are only now learning that their daughter has Aids, and is appalled that their daughter, who they put through finishing school over 20 years ago, has now been on this vendetta.  They say they’ve had little contact with her since she had her child.  Meanwhile, Porter is still unwilling to disclose the names of any sexual partners to the police, and only 4 of the countless men have been identified.

As for my readers, Invisible Blogger wants to know if this is really a crime, and there’s not a whole lot of clarity on this, though I remind people this is occurring in London, so the criminal justice system is different.  ANO shows that some states do have criminal penalties for knowingly infecting people with Aids, but not all states.  

Gidget doesn’t know what punishment would affect her, and I’m afraid she may be correct, as Porter obviously has no conscience. The Write Jerry considers this a hate crime, since she is targeting Afro-Caribbean men, which I think is an excellent point.  And Knockin’ on the Golden Door has also printed a piece on this crime, and has many good comments.  

As more info is released on Sarah Jane Porter, I’ll release it here.  In the mean time, let’s hope that the British legal system locks her away and throws away the key!

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